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Payment Information

Please check the rates above and scan the code below and make the payment. Please make sure to include the ID number of your paper in the note while making the payment.
Bank Data:
A (人民币账户)
户 名:南京中爱教育科技有限公司
帐 号:32050159653600000407


B (美元账户)
Beneficiary Bank Name:Bank of America
Name of Account:YI YANG
Account No.:0444320875
Swift Code:BOFAUS3N
Bank routing:026009593
Originating State of the Account:California
Address27255 Messina St, Highland, CA 92346
Phone number+1 909 395 7533/+86 13914792735
C (支付宝Alipay)付款时请备注文章号!